WBUTTEPA Online Application Portal

Steps of Online Application for Online data entry for Basic information

For further any query / clarification, please contact Help Desk

Please read the informations carefully before filling up your online application form.

Filling up the Application Form:
  1. Please go through the NCTE Guidelines before filling up the Application Form.
  2. The Application Form Submission is a 4 step process.
  3. Applicants should fill the online form giving Basic Informations About the College (Step – 1), Informations about the Managing Committee (Step – 2), Staff Informations (Step – 3) and Informations about the Infrastructural Facilities (Step – 4).
  4. The fields marked with a * are mandatory.
  5. Other than Govt./Govt.-sponsored/Govt.-aided Colleges, all must fill up the Amount of Endowment Fund and Amount of Reserve Fund details.
  6. Applicants are allowed to upload scanned documents as mentioned in the form. The files must be of type jpeg or jpg or pdf. File size is specified in the Application form.
  7. Applicants can save the application form during form fill-up, at any step. To save the form, click on “Validate and Save” button.
  8. To submit the form, please click on "Submit" button at Step 4. After clicking, a quick look page will open, where applicants can take a look of their entire filled-up form. If all the information entered correctly, provide CAPTCHA for verification and check the checkbox to accept the declaration, then click on "Submit" button again, otherwise click on "Modify".
  9. An Application I.D. and Password will be created & details will be displayed on the screen.
  10. Please note down your Application ID and Password for any modification or any future reference.
  11. After verification of payment the application will be treated as valid submission.
  12. Applicants can modify the information before final “SUBMIT”. Click on "Modify Application Form", on the menu of the left panel and provide the information to open the modification window.
  13. Once Application is submitted, applicants cannot modify the form online. For any modification, if required, user has to visit WBUTTEPA personally with the modification request. So, before SUBMIT, ensure all the information provided correctly.
  14. To know the current status of Application after final submission, applicants have to open “Application Status & Receipt Print” at left panel of the Menu. After filling-up the required information, CAPTCHA and clicking on "Submit", a status window will be opened with relevant information.
  15. Applicants can take the print out of filled-up application form after submission at any time. To take a print out, first complete the previous clause 15, then click on "Print Receipt" button.
  16. Please scan the following documents in the form of pdf/jpg before filling the forms :
    NCTE Initial Recognition Order, pdf format -> mandatory
    NCTE Revised Recognition Order, pdf format -> mandatory
    Govt. NOC, pdf format
    Previous University Affiliation Certificate, pdf format -> not mandatory for new colleges (not affiliated till date under any university)
    Last Audit Report, pdf format
    Land Document, pdf format
    Building Completion Certificate, pdf format
    Document of student fee, pdf format -> mandatory
    Payment of the staff members, pdf format -> mandatory
    Image of the Institution, jpg format -> mandatory
    Signature of Principal / Secretary / President of the Institution with seal, jpg format -> mandatory

NOTE : In case you forgot / lost your Password, contact above written helpline numbers.


Depositing the Payment :
  1. Institute should visit the https://www.onlinesbi.com/ Link for payment.
  2. Institute should select 'SBI Bank Collect' from the menu.
  3. On the 'SBI Bank Collect' page, the Institute should click the Check Box at the end of the Disclaimer Clause to proceed for payment ( I have read and accepted the terms and conditions stated above).
  4. In the next page, the Institute should select 'State of Corporate/Institution' (West Bengal) and 'Type of Corporate/Institution' (Educational Institutions) from the drop down Menu and click GO.
  5. Next the Institute should select from Educational Institutions name 'WBUTTEPA COLLEGE' from the drop down Menu and click Submit.
  6. In the next page the Institute should select the Payment Category either Application Fees or Affiliation Fees.
  7. In the next page the Institute is required to provide the payment details such as 'Application I.D.' 'Name of the Institution' 'Phone no of the Institution' 'Phone no of the Contact Person' 'Email Id of the Institution' etc. and click submit.
  8. After confirmation of the payment details, the Institute can make payment through Net Banking/Card Payment/Other Payment modes.
  9. In the other payment mode, the Institute can download and print the Pre-Acknowledgement payment challan and make the payment through any SBI Branch.
  10. In case of payment by Demand Draft, only SBI Demand Drafts will be accepted.
  11. Please note the Bank Charges for each payment mode is different.
  12. The online application will not be complete unless payment is done.